Bata Insolia

Walk Taller and Further

Bata Insolia

Wearing heels just got a whole lot more comfortable with the introduction of Insolia technology into Bata’s Insolia heels.

While wearing high heels is meant to empower women’s confidence, the reality is 90 per cent of women associate heels with pain and discomfort.

The Bata team believes comfort and fashion should be synonymous and so took on the challenge to find the perfect solution.

Insolia is a component in the design of high-heeled shoes designed by New Hampshire podiatrist, Dr. Howard Dananberg. By altering the geometry of the insole, the Insolia Weight Shifting High Heel technology reduces the pain associated with wearing high-heeled shoes by adjusting weight distribution back toward the heel.

Insolia heels have been proven to reduce the pressure on the forefoot by almost 30% which brings relief not only to toes and arches but knees and calves are also less burdened. Walking is less physically exhausting, the heart rate decreases and oxygen consumption is reduced by 25% on average.

This extends the comfortable wear time of heels by three times longer than normal; noticeably improves balance and posture while standing and walking; reduces shoe slippage and foot movement.


  • Insolia® is a registered trademark of HBN Shoe, LLC.
  • Insolia Heels is the only product that has been proven to shift weight and reduce pressure on the forefoot in high heels.
  • Performance benefits are based on research studies that showed the average increase in high heel wear time was at least 300% and the average step was 13% longer when wearing high heels with the Insolia technology. All test results are based on averages and not all women will have the same results.

Bata’s Insolia heels – walk the walk.

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