Step Out of the Box And Be Comfortable With It

It was well known model and actress Carré Otis who said: “We come in many different shapes and sizes, and we need to support each other and our differences. Our beauty is in our differences.”

Too much energy is spent on trying to fit in and be perceived as being “normal”. When you simply fit in, it’s easy to blend in and go completely unnoticed.

Each day offers us the choice to stand out, to be unique and to be comfortable with who you are! Express yourself through fashion, there are no rules anymore.

“No-one needs to be a slave to the ordinary in fashion, now is the time to cut your own path,” says Swastika Juggernath, marketing manager at BATA South Africa. “Bata International understands this and this is why we have recently launched the ‘Me & Comfortable With It’ campaign, which pays tribute to womanhood, encouraging healthy self-confidence and making a statement against prejudice.”

Whether being different embodies a mom chairing board meetings, sporting tattoos, a bald head, showing off with an afro-hairstyle, walking the red carpet in jeans and Tomy Takkies – the main aim is to be comfortable in body and spirit no matter the image you portray.

“There’s no reason why men need to fit in either,” says John Harman, Bata SA country manager. “Make a statement; there are so many options available for you to create an image that reflects you. At Bata, our ranges offer the opportunity to go beyond normal!”

“There’s the Weinbrenner brand for men, Bubblegummers for kids, North Star, Tomy Takkies and Power for active feet and the stylish Marie Claire and Insolia brands for making a fashion statement,” adds Harman.

Shoes don’t discriminate against size or shape and look great on anyone – there are also no rules on how to match the shoes to various outfits, as long as the wearer is comfortable. No matter the occasion, dress up to stand out in unconventional ways. Be confident, know yourself and what inspires you, but never be afraid to be different or worry what people think.

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