The Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping For The Perfect Pair of Boots

There is no mistaking the love affair that a woman has with boots during the winter season. With the variety of styles that are available today, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with choices when shopping for that perfect pair. Natasha Naidoo, the ladies shoe buyer at Bata South Africa,  gives you her top tips to consider when shopping for boots.


DO remember the classics

A Chelsea boot and Riding boot are timeless pieces that you will wear proudly. They look modern but are still wearable in the years to come.

DO choose neutrals

Versatility is key. When shopping for boots chose neutral colours that will complete a variety of outfits.

DO choose comfort

Fashion and comfort go together. Shop for boots that fit and are comfortable. If you are unsure ask a member of the sales team to suggest a style that suits you.

DO care for your boots

Boots are a fashion investment and you need to respect that. Most boots come with a recommended cleaning routing. Be sure to purchase the correct polish and take care of your boots.

DO let your boots do the talking

Wear something simple and conservative. Let your boots be the statement piece of your outfit.


Don’t let your boots determine your whole outfit

Keep in mind that a yellow pair of boots will only complement certain outfits!

Don’t mistake the power of a boot

A good pair of boots is all you need to bring an outfit together and take it from good to great!

 Don’t go outside of your budget

Stay within your price range and only shop for the best deals and best quality.

Don’t clash materials

Matching shoes is not limited to colour choice. It is a common mistake to purchase shoes that clash with an outfit. For example, don’t mix a suede shoe with a corduroy or velvet pair of pants.

Don’t wear tights or leggings that are a completely different colour to your boots.

Bata South Africa stocks a variety of boots for you to choose from. Prices range from R399 – R799 until stocks last. Visit to locate your nearest Bata store.

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