The Bata Shoe Factory

The Bata shoe factory is nestled within the land, beneath our beautiful African sky and a stunning natural backdrop, our factory has called Loskop in KwaZulu-Natal home since 1977.

The Loskop factory produces our amazing Toughees School Shoes as well as other products manufactured at the factory are the Gumboots and safety shoes for industrial use at an average of 300 000 shoes per month. That’s an astounding 3,300 000 shoes a year!

The factory is noted for the injection process which is renowned for its strength and durability. Being based in the midst of a total rural area, the factory also hosts the Bata Childrens Program (BCP) projects for the company.Bata’s production success is attributed to our South African people and by locally producing many of our shoes, we have helped boost both the local and national economies whilst providing our customers with better value for their money.