Bata introduces classic menswear range – Ambassador

Bata South Africa has launched a new range of classic menswear shoes – Ambassador – a range representing their expertise in shoe design that delivers a classic fit for the everyday man.


Ambassador, built from 100% leather, provides a comfortable, stylish and classic look that completes an ensemble whether at the office, or out socialising.

Managing director at Bata South Africa, Michael Wyatt, said: “Bata is proud to add Ambassador to the men’s shoe range. At Bata, we believe in creating quality products that will stand the test of time, both in terms of durability of products, as well as the classic styling that will carry one through passing trends. We have a passionate team of researchers across the world that help create these items. For our men’s range, we’ve taken this global research in men’s shoe needs and met that need with the Ambassador collection. It’s crafted from 100% leather and comes in various styles that are classic, uncomplicated and versatile.”


Classic features

The Ambassador range has been designed with the everyday man in mind. It features a leather upper for maximum comfort, a leather lining to absorb moisture, and a polyurethane sole with a sturdy heel for optimum support and balance. “Long days at work, business meetings, formal events or casual socials with friends demand a high quality shoe that’s versatile enough in its design to remain relevant to the setting, and comfortable enough to get you through the day. We see Ambassador as a timeless choice in men’s footwear,” said Wyatt.

Bata’s heritage

Bata is the worldʼs leading shoemaker by volume, and each range has taken into account the needs of consumers who want quality, durable footwear that remain a classic piece in a wardrobe.