Bata Toughees puts up whopping R300,000 cash in “It’s your time to shine” Back to School campaign

Back to School just got better! SA’s favourite and trusted school shoe since 1954, Bata Toughees, has launched one of its biggest Back to School campaigns – putting up a massive cash pool of R300,000 in the “It’s your time to shine” campaign.



Understanding that learners have had to overcome several obstacles in their learning journey in recent years – from school closures and a disrupted schooling calendar, to learning to navigate online learning, not having the right technical equipment, or watching their parents and guardians bear the impact of reduced salaries or losing jobs – Bata South Africa, which owns the Toughees brand, said “It’s time to shine”.

The back-to-school campaign urges learners, and parents, to enter the competition by stating how winning a share of R300,000 will help them “shine”.

Bata country manager Michael Wyatt said: “Bata, as a global company, believes in supporting and uplifting children. Undeniably, the past few years have taken a toll not just on adults in the workforce, and the health and safety industries, but on our children as well. They’ve equally had to learn very quickly to adapt to being at home, being confined, learning online, or not learning at all due to having no computer or internet access, and witnessed their parents taking on stress and worrying about the impact of the pandemic on their livelihoods. But slowly, we are beginning to see things get better. We are optimistic and we are confident about the future. Bata Toughees wants to play a part in this good story and enter the New Year with excitement and hope. We want to give a boost to learners and parents that’ll help them reach their dreams, goals, or aspirations in an incredible way. We are saying that it’s your time to shine.”

The competition is open to learners of all ages, as well as parents, to win one of ten R30,000 cash prizes.
To stand a chance of winning, entrants need to describe how winning a share of R300,000 will help them shine.

“It can be being able to buy a laptop, so that online learning is easier, or maybe parents would use it towards paying school fees to ease the financial burden, or it could be using the money to take up extra coding classes to equip your child with digital skills. We would like to know how this will help you in your aim to shine and be the best you can be,” said Wyatt.

Michael Sithambaram, manager of schools division at Bata South Africa, said back to school was their busiest period on the calendar.

“We all eagerly look forward to back to school. Months of planning and forecasting lead to parents buying a pair of Toughees because they trust us to craft a pair of good quality, comfortable and enduring shoes for their children. It’s a small part to play in helping children reach their dreams. We look forward to hearing the aspirations of children as the next generation’s leaders,” he said.

To enter

Think about how winning a share of R300,000 will help you “shine” and what you would do with your prize. Submit your short motivation to Bata in one of three ways:


  1. www.toughees.co.za/pages/itsyourtime, or
  2. Send a WhatsApp to +27 57 814 5994, or
  3. Scan this QR code (links to WhatsApp)
    Bata Toughees puts up whopping R300,000 cash in "It's your time to shine" Back to School campaign