Giving you the Power to be!

Every New Year should start off on the right foot – by placing an emphasis on mental, nutritional, physical and various other forms of wellness. This then, sets the tone for a successful, well-rounded approach for the rest of the year.


Our Power performance and athletic footwear brand led the way this January, with a wellness experience under the theme #PowerToBe. The dynamic wellness and yoga instructor, Nosizwe Mji, of ToolboxLife, guided our guests through a wellness session where they were challenged to consider what they give power to in their lives, and the impact it has on body and mind. Attended by fitness fanatics and some well-known local faces including actors Rory Booth and Loyiso Macdonald, participants were equipped with the tools needed to face the new year and be the best version of themselves. We zoomed the lens in on mental wellness matters, took a guided meditation walk, completed an outdoor yoga sequence, did a movement class, and then dove into a talk on healthy eating.


Swastika Juggernath, Bata Sneakers brand manager said: “Wellbeing needs to be looked at from a 360-degree perspective. We are happy to have created a space for people to gain more perspective on their wellness. The campaign theme, #PowerToBe, is extremely relevant as this is what the Power brand truly stands for, that is, motivating, inspiring and encouraging people to achieve what they want, because they have the Power to be anything.”