Bata Unveils its “Me and Comfortable With It” Signature

Me and Comfortable With It

Bata South Africa has recently revealed its new brand signature. From Christmas onwards, the Bata logo will be joined with ‘Me & Comfortable With It.’

“This is all part of the Bata evolution,” said Jana Barbati Chadová, Head of Global Marketing at Bata. “We might be one of the oldest and most respected shoe manufacturers in the world, but we are also refreshing our image. At the core of this is our belief in democratizing beauty.”

“The fashion industry tends to suggest people have to look a certain way. We absolutely disagree with this. We believe we are all beautiful and want to celebrate that by asking people to think ‘I’m me, and comfortable with it’,” added Chadová.

This new brand signature will feature globally across the five continents where Bata has a presence.

Founded in 1894, Bata is the world’s leading shoemaker by volume. Proven innovators, Bata produces shoes that are bang on-trend whilst prioritising comfort. Bata is a family-owned business that operates in almost 100 countries around the world and with 220 million pairs of shoes sold every year, it ranks among the largest global shoe brands.

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