Bata Brands still available for online purchase on Zando | Builders | Takealot

During the 126-year history of Bata, there have been many challenges and our experience in the face of adversity will guide us through the uncertainties that have been brought about by the, Cornavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It is now evident that COVID-19 will dramatically impact the way we live our lives over the coming months and most brick and mortar retailers are likely to see a drop in sales as shoppers choose to stay at home.

Bata is able to offer South Africans an opportunity to shop from the comfort of their homes without worrying about crowded malls and shops. In a bid to “flatten the curve” Bata South Africa have a selection of much-loved brands available to shop via various online platforms. According to the website Tech Financials, global online giants such as Amazon and local company Takealot are seeing increased online shopping due to COVID-19.


Bata Brands will be available for online purchase on Zando | Builders | Takealot

The following Bata Brands are available for purchase from the below listed online platforms:

Builders Take A lot Zando
Bata the Brand
Tomy Takkies
Bata Comfit
American Cup
Bata Industrials

All countries that have had government interventions are aimed at reducing the spread of the virus as well as to encourage businesses that they have a role to play in protecting their communities.

The safety of you, our valued customer, is our greatest priority. One of the best ways to combat the transmission of this virus is through social distancing and self-isolation. As such, we at Bata South Africa encourage all customers to shop online through one of the above-listed platforms.

Be kind to one another.

Kind regards,
Bata South Africa

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