Tomy Takkies

Tomy Takkies Challenge

TOMY TAKKIES CHALLENGE The Tomy Takkies design template took fashion and creativity to a whole new level of excitement! It’s especially fun because anyone can download the design and create their unique look for their Tomy Takkies shoes. Click here to download it and give it a try! How AWESOME are these Tomy Takkies designs […]

Bata South Africa

Bata South Africa Celebrates Bata’s 125 Year Anniversary

We live in a constantly changing and competitive world where success can be attributed to an individual’s or organisation’s ability to adapt to ever-changing environments. Bata South Africa, in its 125th year, has demonstrated its ability to remain relevant and has done so through innovation and by listening to our customers. At the beginning of […]

Tomy Takkies Makes It To The Durban Fashion Fair Runway

Durban Fashion Fair, now in its sixth year, is Durban’s premier annual fashion event. Celebrating the talent of new and established designers, the event included workshops, shows and a buyer’s lounge.     2019  saw Tomy Takkies as the official footwear sponsor of Hombré Garments. One of the designer labels that took part in this […]